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Nature’s Edge EBF™


A unique aqueous blend of non-toxic, non-ionic surfactants and aerobic naturally occurring microbes, Nature’s Edge EBF dislodges petroleum hydrocarbons from soil particles, reduces VOC’s, and inoculates contaminated soil with select microbes. Intended for use in conjunction with Catalyst H20 for remediation of contamination in soil greater than 4″ deep.

Nature’s Edge EBF-RTU™

A ready-to use formulation intended for remediation of soil contamination of less than 4″ deep. It is applied topically on porous surfaces to eliminate unwanted petroleum and food based hydrocarbon wastes and restore appearance. A unique blend of surfactants, oil-consuming microbes and a stabilized oxygen source (contains Catalyst H20), Effectively cleans and biologically eliminates surface contamination due to oils, hydraulic and other fluids.

Environmental Edge
Environmental Edge

Catalyst H20™

Provides Aerobic Microbes with a Stabilized Oxygen – A water thin clear liquid formulated to primarily provide aerobic microbes with a stabilized oxygen source in soil bioremediation projects, particularly in oxygen depleted environments such as deep in soil or under streets and buildings. Intended for use in conjunction with Nature’s Edge EBF fluid.

Filter Pots

Nature’s Edge


An aqueous, neutral pH, biodegradable, non-toxic concentrate with “oil-consuming” microbes. Reduces all types of non-chlorinated hydrocarbon wastes found in ponds, circulating systems and tanks. Can be introduced manually or through automatic injection systems.  Also helps reduce clogging in lines and reduces vapors and odors. Can also be used as a cleaner for spill clean-up on hard surfaces near waterways to avoid further contamination and sheens.


LNG/gas operations:  Pre-filters/filter pots, Coalescers, Caustic Towers, and associated lines; were cleared of LEL’s, and H2S using Natures Edge Industrial (NEI); Additionally, NEI along with Gold Edge (GE) were used as a system to simultaneously knock out Benzene (NE), liquefy heavy sludge (GE) for NEI's consuming microbes, while eliminating the need for a chemical cleaning/circulating contractor. Unit operations established new SOP's as well as engineering modifications to equipment to allow for a larger volume of the chemistry to circulate through the vessels, saving multiple down-days, reducing overall cost and performing the task with in house maintenance and operations personnel. Environmental Edge Tech's field operations consultants were instrumental in working hand in hand with customer operations folks on a 9,000 gallon coalesce with an amines dropout tank as a successful pilot test. (Add coalesce pic)

Soil Bio-Remediation

Nature’s Edge EBF

Nature’s Edge EBF, enhanced bioremediation fluid, is an aqueous blend of non-toxic surfactants and “oil-consuming” microbes. Provides an easy, cost effective method for reducing hydrocarbon contamination in soil, grass, and marsh areas and restoring appearance.

Catalyst H20

A non-toxic, water thin, natural aqueous liquid developed to be used in conjunction with Nature’s Edge EBF to provide microbes with necessary oxygen and nutrients during the bioremediation process, particularly in deep soil applications (over 4″ deep).