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Natures Edge Spill Response

Surface Cleaner And Bio-Treatment


Overview: Cleans and removes spilled petroleum and food based liquids on all water washable hard surfaces. Reduces vapors, chance of fires and slippery conditions on contact, and eliminates oil sheens on water. Accelerates biological elimination of hydrocarbons, including gasoline, diesel, motor oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, lubricants etc. Also inhibits sludge build-up in drain lines. APPLYING: Dilute with cool water (not hot) at 1 part product to 1 – 2 parts water. For clean-up of small spills and spot treatment, a hand held pump-up sprayer is recommended. Apply directly to spill, using an amount of product at least equal to the amount of spilled liquid. Agitate with broom or brush until product and spilled liquids are well blended. Rinse with water, however always follow all local and state disposal regulations.

Lit# 3.17 PRODUCT # 240

Having passed the LC-50 toxicity test and HOCNF test for discharge in the North Sea, Nature’s Edge Industrial is safe for use in areas where aquatic or wildlife could be affected. Nature’s Edge Industrial is particularly useful for NGL processing/ terminal operations, fueling stations, bulk storage areas, loading docks, rail yards, closed environments such as tunnels and wherever environmental, occupational, health and safety issues are of great concern. May be applied using pumps, pressure washers, mops, sprayers, etc. It is non-irritating to normal skin and will not harm equipment internals.

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Oil Clean Up

Nature’s Edge Spill Response

Liquid Concentrate with Natural Microbes


An aqueous, neutral pH, concentrated blend of advanced emulsifiers and aerobic, natural microbes. Eliminates most of the health risks and environmental hazards resulting from spilled hydrocarbons. Emulsifies and encapsulates on contact, immediately reducing risk for fires and explosions, slippery conditions and oil sheens. Hydrocarbon digesting microbes continue to function long after clean-up is complete, biologically eliminating harmful contaminant residuals on land or sea. Effective on most petroleum and food based hydrocarbons, including BTEX. Non-irritating and non-toxic. Excellent for cleaning oil-soaked wildlife.