Product Testimonial from Aluminum Can Manufacturing Facility – Conroe, Texas

Since receiving your cleaning products here in our plant we have been able to trail it in several different applications. For starters the Emerald Edge has been used to mop the floors in the plant and we have used it in sprayers to clean the walls from the dingy yellow stain.

Now they are white again. We use it on all aluminum surfaces with excellent results. This has helped us on our overall appearance in the facility and with a green and safe product. (Please see attached photos of items we used the products to clean with)

We used the Gold Edge for our bottle line where we use a product called BCL 4. The BCL-4 is a food grade oil we use on our MMT’s and shapers to help form the bottle. With the Gold Edge we have been able to remove this heavy build the BCL-4 causes on the mats and dead plates.

Simply apply Gold Edge with a spray bottle and the BCL-4 comes off with a rag. Gold Edge is a vegetable oil based solvent so if not wiped off with a wet rag it will leave a film on the surface.

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