Emergency run from La Porte, TX to Cushing, OK to aid in degassing and clearing LEL’s from tank

I received a call from a contractor in Cushing, Oklahoma that could not make entry in a 270ft diameter tank after two weeks of ventilation. I was told the LEL’s were still out of range. They had heard of our products success and made the call. Environmental Edge Technologies in La Porte, Texas, is a manufacture of environmentally safe industrial chemicals that specialize in degassing and clearing LEL’s, VOC’s, benzene and a whole host of other hydrocarbons.

Turns out I knew the project manager and his boss from working directly with them on past projects with another company.  After hearing what they were experiencing, the decision was made to send two 330-gallon totes of our Natures Edge Industrial (NEI) vapor control fluid with enzymes and naturally occurring, oil consuming microbes. I headed north on Interstate 45 that evening with the totes and safely delivered them to the main gate the next morning at 0700.

After a site orientation video and test, I was escorted to the job site. A 5000-psi pressure washer with a 1000-gallon tank was used with a dilution of 1 part NEI to 3 parts water. The first application, spraying into the atmosphere, roof and walls at the entrance manway, dropped the high LEL’s down to safe levels for entry. The contractor was able to enter the tank for the first time in two weeks. After gaging the tank, crews began a system of spraying the NEI to control the LEL’s periodically while working at removing the crude oil sludge.

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