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PRODUCT OVERVIEW:  A multi-functional aqueous, non-hazardous, neutral pH biodegradable concentrate developed to reduce costs and liabilities associated with tank cleaning and entry, concrete/equipment washing, water treatment and disposal. Lifts, breaks down and encapsulates hydrocarbons, quickly reducing VOC’s/ LEL’s, H2S with minimal agitation, saving time, labor and minimizing water usage and disposal/ discharge.  Cleans and deodorizes in a single step, leaving a pleasant scent and surfaces free of oily residues after rinsing.  Also reduces contaminants in water and soil while eliminating oil sheens.  Reduces sludge build-up in drains/separators and in many cases, hazardous classification of wastes.  Contains non-toxic, low foaming surfactants and natural, aerobic, non-pathogenic oil-digesting microbes, harmless to water treatment systems.   Prod #250.  Packaged in 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums and 275/330 gal totes. DOT shipping class 55; Non-Hazardous.

PROJECT OVERVIEW :   A 500 gallon filter pot must be taken off line to change out elements.

WITHOUT PRODUCT:  Prior to removing lid, LEL’s must be reduced to an acceptable level, requiring several water fills.  After entry, the element cartridges are crusted with sediments and difficult to remove.  Sides and bottom of the filter pot and base plate are crusted with sediment build-up as well.  A high pressure water spray is required to loosen filter elements for removal and to allow proper seating of new elements.   In total, the pot is offline for 8 to12 hours.

WITH PRODUCT:  LEL’s are reduced to acceptable level with only 1 water fill.  After lid is removed, the normal sediment build-up between elements is greatly reduced.  Element cartridges are easily removed following a short high pressure water rinse.  After elements are removed, the base plate does not have the normal sediment build-up, requiring only a short high pressure rinse to remove remaining sediments.  In total, the pot is off-line for less than 4 hours. 


  1. Time that the filter pots were offline for element change was reduced by over 50%.
  2. Water usage and discharge was reduced by 50% to 75%.
  3. Increased flow rate.
  4. Rinses completely, leaving no residues.  Has no effect on downstream processes.

Supplemental: Caustic Scrubber Wash – Nature’s Edge has proven to be a complete success and is now in continuous use in the filter changing process. Additionally, due to the positive experience with the filter pots, Nature’s Edge is now being used at the fractionation complex to successfully reduce LEL’s and H2S in caustic scrubbersin one wash. The customer maintains an adequate supply in inventory for scheduled/ unscheduled maintenance and other applications such as cleaning equipment, containment pits, pump pads and mitigating hydrocarbon spills and contamination on water, concrete and soil. 

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