Field Project #020219 – Clearing/Cleaning 16” Crude Pipeline for Demolition and Removal

Pipeline company “A”, while working alongside pipeline company “B”, on a 16-inch diameter crude oil line for demolition and removal as part of an expansion project, recommended Natures Edge Industrial (NEI) cleaner to clear the pipe. Company B typically used several water flushes with pipe pigs and a Nitrogen push generating up to 10,000 gallons of an oily water, hazardous waste stream. Company A shared that adding NEI to their procedure can clear the hazardous VOC’s and LEL’s all in one push.

Company B ordered one 330-gallon tote of Natures Edge Industrial (NEI).   Environmental Edge Technologies, LLC delivered to the job site on Wednesday prior to the work start date.  On Saturday, the pipeline companies were reviewing procedures for using NEI for clearing and cleaning and it was determined that an additional tote would be needed to insure a “one and done” push to complete the clearing phase in one day.  A second tote arrived and was added to the 70bbl vacuum truck. The total blend was approximately 2,500 gallons.   Three parts water to 1-part NEI (25% NEI to water blend) to clear and clean approximately a 1000 ft. run of 16-Inch pipe.

Company B loaded the first 16” diameter pipe pig, then the NEI blend was introduced into the pipe at 1300 hours and the second pipe pig inserted at 1330 hour. By 1630 hours the pigs had made it to the exit pig trap and fluid diverted to one of three frac tanks located on the southern end of the 1000 feet of pipe. The first two frac tanks would catch the good crude oil and the third one used for the NEI, water and crude oil mix.

Once the Nitrogen pressure was released, a 4-gas meter was used to check for LEL’s and it read “0”. When the pig trap was opened, the first comment was how clean the pigs were. The possibility to rinse the pigs with Natures Edge Industrial and reuse them was considered.

2 totes NEI: 4 water rinses:
Waste Stream2500 gallons 10,000 gallons
Nitrogen use1 day 2 days, or more
Labor1 day 2 days, or more

Saved $$$$. Saved one full day of clearing. Saved on water and pig waste stream. Saved on Nitrogen. Reduced risk exposure and gained at least a full day of production for the next phase.

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