Soil Remediation after Hurricane Harvey

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Case Study: Soil Remediation after Hurricane Harvey

The aftermath of the devastating flooding from Hurricane Harvey resulted in untold amounts of toxic contamination of the soil with in the vast reaches of the storm. One area effected was along the Houston Ship Channel. The oil/water separator tanks of an oil blending and packaging facility overflowed and oily water spread across five acers of the neighboring pipeline/storage facility and to the waters edge of the ship channel. The packaging facility coordinated with the pipeline/storage folks on using Natures Edge Spill Response to clean up the contaminated land.

 Natures Edge Spill Response (NESR) is an all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable blend of biological enzymes and surfactants that are environmentally safe and cost effective for the clean-up and mitigation of hazardous spills.  NESR encapsulates hydrocarbon contaminants to immediately reduce VOC’s and converts wastes into a natural food source for native microbes to transform into harmless substances.   Additionally, naturally occurring microbes blended into NESR join with the indigenous microbes to greatly enhance the bioremediation process and quickly restore the natural appearance.

A plan was approved to apply a blend of one-part Natures Edge Spill Response to four parts water to the entire five acres utilizing trailer mounted pressure washers and 2 gallon pump up sprayers. The process was repeated every three days for 15 days. Both facility’s environmental health and safety personnel tested the area for VOC’s and found none. The US Coastguard also signed off on the remediated site a week later.

Facility managers reported that the grass that was effected by the flood and contaminates was visibly greener than the areas unaffected.

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